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jpegEZ is now totally free.
jpegEZ is a Windows application designed to make it simple to resize jpeg images.

The resolution of modern digital cameras seems to be increasing daily. Just a few years ago 5 Megapixels was in the domain of professional photographers using very expensive digital SLR equipment. These days 5 MP is almost an entry level point and shoot camera. As the resolution increases so does the file size.

I often receive enquiries on how to easily resize an image from a digital cameras to make it a suitable size to post to a web forum, a blog or for emailing to friends. There are plenty of programs available to do this but I have found most to be overpriced, bloated with features that most people don't want and, in most cases difficult to use for those amoungst us who are not quite so PC savy.

jpegEZ was designed to address all these issues.

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